The UBU Practice™ is a hands-on, holistic, personal transformation practice with 3 easy steps.

An evidence-based practice, UBU features the latest in neuroscience, mindfulness and behaviour change research, leading experiential learning theory and techniques that suit a variety of learning styles.

With UBU you’ll learn to live an authentic life …

  • Communicate effectively
  • Grow a positive mindset
  • Enjoy empathetic engagements
  • Act with intent

The UBU 3 Step Program

1: Get naked to expose your authentic roots

Your authentic roots contain your cultural heritage and lived experiences. The influences that shaped ‘you are here.’ To help you get naked with your authentic self, we apply the Discover.Explore.Grow. methodology to rid yourself of excess baggage and self-limiting beliefs. You clarify your authentic values and use these signposts for lifestyle choices and throughout your transformation journey.

2: Design your Self-Love Bubble

Your base (tree trunk) is decision-making central containing your head, heart and gut/instinct. We filter what comes through your roots by designing your unique Self Love Bubble© with brain rewiring, gut soulfulness and heart balancing. To use me as an example, I’d been making decisions in my life based on my head. There was an impermeable wall of protection I’d built around my heart. I couldn’t digest anything going on in my life (abuse, emotions, attachment, authenticity). Not surprisingly, my emotional guidance system needed a clean-out! Designing my Self-Love Bubble fortified my base allowing me to venture out, develop healthy emotional connections and learn to trust my intuition.

3: Branch out

A branch is where your authentic self reaches out to touch the world. Shaped by your tree-ness and the place you identify as home, there are five main branches:

  • Love/Relationships
  • Work/career/vocation
  • Wellness (health)
  • Self/soul connection
  • (Fun/happy) Attitude

Take the first step

DISCOVER the beat of your own drum…. EXPLORE what makes you happy…. and GROW a life you don’t need a vacation from…