Love in Lockdown Series

You don’t need to be Einstein to know intimacy and social distancing don’t mix...

Read the Love in Lockdown Series by Dr Jordan M Alexander - founder of the love assist community.

Part 1: Covid-19 Changes the Online Dating Game: It’s Time to Get ‘Heart Smart’

Even Shakespeare’s “the course of true love never did run smooth” couldn’t possibly predict the impact of coronavirus on love. Humans are comfortable getting intimate and personal online. It’s big business, valued up to $10 billion globally, and people use it because it is easy and gets results.

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Part 2: Covid-19: Dating Disruption or Romance Reboot?

Since coronavirus, people “looking for hook-ups” on OkCupid’s global user base has decreased 20% and those people “looking for serious relationships” has increased by 5%. Are we growing a collective consciousness during this pandemic? Is there a romance reboot and return to old-fashioned values? With 85% of online users saying it’s important to develop an emotional connection with a partner BEFORE a physical one, maybe Covid’s dating disruption brings an opportunity: S-L-O-W dating.

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Part 3: Covid-19 Seclusion Success: How to Navigate the Virtual Date

Any normal date contravenes the World Health Organisation social distancing rules. You don’t need to be a scientist to conclude kissing would be the most efficient way to transmit Covid-19, followed closely by holding hands with or without Purell sanitizer. As officials suggest alternate greetings, bumping feet, elbows, or waving, are there creative ways to ‘virtual date’?

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